Thank you Doug Schmidt and Shari Schmidt for being so supportive and leading all of us through this

amazing process. My eyes are opened to a new way of eating and being healthy. You’ve inspired us and

made a lasting positive impact on the way we view food and what it means to lead a healthy life. I am

forever grateful.

Timing is everything.  I had scheduled a physical months ago before

knowing about this 10 day rescue.  So Monday I had blood work done and

I just now got my results.  My cholesterol was 194 in 2014.  Today it

is 133.  I am not on statin drugs.  I just changed my diet.  Whoa!

Thank you for creating this challenge! I had a baby last year and have been struggling with my weight, eating healthy and getting to the gym. I was in the best shape I had ever been in right before I got pregnant. I'm the first to admit I wasn't able to be strict the entire 10 days. But I made a conscious effort to be as strict as I could while juggling a baby at home! This challenge has been an eye opener for me. I feel fantastic, I've dropped some weight, I’ve been full and I have almost a sense of pride in eating better. This has been a life changing experience.

This challenge has me feeling better than I've felt in a long time and the intestinal discomfort is almost completely gone!!  I also have much more energy than I've had in years, which is another thing I was seeing specialists for, who would test my thyroid, and run blood tests and came up with nothing.  My blood work is actually excellent as well as my biometrics, but I was feeling pain daily and it was draining me of my energy.  I was exhausted all the time which was causing me to feel like less of a mother to my son, not wanting to do much of anything, and I've been dragging at work.  This challenge has helped me so much more than doctors have!

I first wanted to thank you for all the great recommendations. I just had my screening done and lost 14 pounds!

My Total cholesterol went from 183 down to 119

Glucose from 84 down to 59

lost 2 inches off my waist. So excited just went shopping for a cart of veggies and fruit. 

What a great journey!

I am so thankful for this experience - I didn't know that my cholesterol was high until I did my pre-challenge blood work! My cholesterol dropped from 247 on 1/6 to 175 on 1/18! ALL my other numbers went down too and I learned that I CAN survive without snacks and sugar.